Misurio is partner and founding member of e-can suisse

The cooperative e-can suisse, based in Sierre, was founded to offer electricity directly to the end customer, even before a full market liberalisation. The end customer receives no label power, but he can select his own power plant and contribute directly to the sustainable development of indigenous, renewable energy. E-can suisse supply the power of hydro plants, which produce exactly the amount of electricity that the cooperative members actually consume. Because of a fixed annual price, 40% of Swiss households can already now buy cheaper electricity. The project is based on crowdfunding and will be realised if 10’000 Swiss households or companies have registered by March 31, 2018.
In addition to other partners such as Inretis, Halter and FMV, Misurio is one of the founding members of the cooperative e-can suisse.

Grandchildren’s energy – 100% hydropower.