Development of a mobile application – Masterarbeit bei Misurio

Development of a mobile application «EnergyON Gateway Management App». This is the title of the master thesis of our employee Serge Schnidrig.

The «EnergyON Gateway Management App» simplifies the installation of complex gateways to connect a large number of technical end devices, such as energy meters, PV modules, charging stations for electric cars, from households and industrial plants to the cloud of the EnergON platform.

The gateway management app, which was developed for tablets and smartphones, reduces the time consumption of the gateway connection on site by more than half. With the help of a wizard, the user is guided step by step through the connection process: the use of barcode scanners and GPS positioning additionally simplify the work and minimize incorrect entries. Additional tools such as manuals, text books, and installation diagrams are integrated in the app, making the use of laptops no longer necessary.

Link to Book.

«Performing my master’s thesis in a professional environment has also motivated and inspired me. The implementation of this project with the latest technologies has taken me a decisive step in my professional career.» (Serge Schnidrig)

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