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areaOn optimises buildings and areas. Data for monitoring and controlling decentralised energy plants is presented in a central cockpit. All data is accessible in one place and available for third-party systems.

Auto-optimisation of microgrids

The areaOn platform enables the automated exploitation of flexibility and energy. Forecasts and empirical data help to control decentralised plants efficiently .

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Use case: Pool of decentralised building energy plants

Sim4Blocks is a European research project for controlling decentralised loads in a pool of buildings. The areaOn platform collects data from the individual IoT gateway and sends control signals to the plants. The time series are clearly presented on the web interface.


Use case: Auto-optimisation of a plant pool

Increasingly decentralised power production, particularly with PV plants, creates a volatile production profile. The flexibility of the thermal storage capacity of buildings is used to adapt the power consumption to the supply. Auto-optimisation maximises cost-effectiveness during power generation, reduces grid costs and improves energy efficiency. As part of the WarmUp project in Zurich, Switzerland, 15 buildings in 4 areas were successfully auto-optimised for over a year.

Tech Cluster Zug

Use case: Total energy optimisation with multi-energy hub

The current V-Zug area is being converted into a technology cluster with a gross floor area of approx. 300,000 m2. With the auto-optimisation from Misurio, the multi-energy hub can be flexibly orchestrated with PV production, energy storage, e-mobility, power-to-gas, waste heat, groundwater and lakewater.